Wooden Cameras Made From Recycled Wood

Upcycled Wooden Cameras

Wooden Cameras Made From Recycled Wood What comes to mind when need to design a bulletin board layout with the theme of "memories"?   For me it was photos and a camera.  During the course of laying out the bits and pieces that would make up the camera, I found several possible shapes for the cameras, so I made 5 instead of just 1. After gathering various pieces and parts I thought might work, I started laying them out to see what would work where.  Holes were drilled in the top of each … [Continue reading...]

Healthy Strawberry Pie

Healthy Strawberry Pie

Healthy Strawberry Pie This YUMMY healthy strawberry pie is gluten free, sugar free, grain free and dairy free!  I guess it might be considered a raw, whole food dessert depending on what you use for the sweetener.  If you like strawberries, I guarantee you'll like this strawberry pie.   You might not have all the ingredients in your kitchen for this one, but then again, if you are a health conscience person like me, you may.   It's so very simple to make and takes no time.  The hardest part is … [Continue reading...]

Handmade Travelers Notebook

Leather Fauxdori Leather Journal With Pen Vest

  Handmade Travelers Notebook Several types of leather were used on this Handmade Travelers Notebook and pen vest.  The different colors and textures play off each other and give it added interest for a rustic look.  This planner system is really easy to use and customize.   If you’ve never heard of a Travelers Notebook, […]

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Black Handmade Leather Wrap Journal

Handmade Black Leather Wrap Journal

For this black handmade leather wrap journal, I let the leather tell me how it wanted to fall.  As with so many of my projects, I don’t start out with a final product in mind, I just “punt” as they say.  This piece of leather had previously been folded, so I just went with it […]

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Antique Milk Crate Footstool

Antique milk crate transormed into a footstool or ottoman

Antique Milk Crate Footstool I found this antique milk crate and couldn’t resist bringing it home with me. I knew it was destined to be a footstool because I’d been wanting one to put in front of one of our chairs, so in it’s second life, it is has become an antique milk crate footstool.  […]

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Fall Decorations

Fall tablescape

It’s hard for me to decide which season I like the best, but I really like Fall.  I started decorating kind of early this year because our mild summer put me in the mood.  I’ve had my decorations out for a while now, and seem to be adding more.  I hope you will enjoy my […]

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Burns Daisy Co Crate DIY

Burns Daisy Co Crate DIY A crate made from pallet wood and made to look like it was from an old sign from the Burns Daisy Co Crate.  I love old signs but even if I had one, I couldn’t bring myself to cut it up and make it into something else, so I did […]

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Upcycled Wood Flooring Boxes DIY

Upcycled Wood Flooring Boxes DIY These boxes were made from wood flooring that was otherwise destined for the landfill. While I was at it… I made 2 wooden boxes from the flooring. A friend offered me quite a few pieces of wood flooring they were removing from their home, and being the scavenger I am, […]

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Tool Caddy From Recycled Wood

Tool Caddy From Recycled Wood As you will see from the photos, this little toolbox is truly multi-functional.  I enjoy using it around the house in different ways and change it up often.       I made this from yet, more pallet wood.  I didn’t want to add any paint because I loved the […]

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Customized Anniversary Signs

11×27 Customized Anniversary Sign A distressed beachy style was requested for this one.     11×27   If you are interested in ordering a sign, please contact me at madeactually@mediacombb.net and I would be glad to get you a quote. These make wonderful wedding gifts, anniversary, Christmas, or most any occasion. Post Footer automatically generated […]

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